I would recommend Stride Orthotics to anybody. Mhairi identified the cause of my pain when everybody else failed. After years of suffering with a recurrent injury I now live pain free. Thank you, Helen M. ”

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Welcome to Stride Orthotics
An orthotics company operating in Glasgow & Edinburgh since 2009

Stride Orthotics is a private Orthotic company with specialist clinics in Glasgow and Edinburgh. We provide an excellent and efficient clinical service specialising in biomechanics and the design of Orthotic supports.

Orthotics such as Foot Orthotics, Ankle Supports, Knee Braces, Leg Braces and Specialist Wide/Narrow Fitting Shoes are designed to realign your foot and work by restoring function in the leg and foot. The Orthotics relieve pain in the foot, ankle, knee, hip, groin and lower back as well as improve balance and walking pattern and significantly reduce your risk of injury.

Every patient is invited to a FREE VIDEO GAIT ANALYSIS in either of our Biomechanic Gait Labs in Glasgow or Edinburgh. We utilise the most advanced video gait analysis software which allows us to identify every alignment abnormality in the lower extremity. Stride Orthotics provide you with a CD copy of your video gait analysis, highlighting your body’s unique biomechanics.

We treat a large range of symptoms, for example those suffering aches and pains, those that struggle to find good fitting footwear and those that have difficulty walking. The clinic specialises in biomechanics and we are experts in treating sport injuries. (PLEASE MAKE THIS PARAGRAPH STAND OUT, EG CHANGE THE COLOUR OF THE TEXT)

Stride Orthotics treat sport injuries of some of Scotland’s most elite athletes with carefully designed Foot Orthotics. We provide the Lower Limb Biomechanics Service for The West of Scotland Institute of Sport, The Royal Navy at HMS Neptune and Glasgow Warriors Rugby Team. Our Foot Orthotics are manufactured by a specialist US laboratory and the high specification carbon fibre shells are guaranteed to last for several years.

Stride Orthotics believe in the importance of a multidisciplinary team and work with a team of Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Surgeons in Glasgow (www.body-works.co.uk) and Edinburgh (www.renewphysio.com).

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